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...a weekly harvest of fresh, ecologically grown vegetables, fruit and herbs...

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 Here is your opportunity to enjoy foods you just can't find in the stores. A weekly harvest of hand-picked garden tomatoes, vegetables, fruit and herbs -- harvested when ripe and delivered to your doorstep for maximum taste, quality and nutrition.

Most supermarkets simply cannot offer varieties grown for taste and nutrition. Instead they must carry produce that will remain cosmetically appealing despite mechanical harvesting, repeated handling and long storage. The average "fresh" supermarket produce is picked before ripe, is 7-14 days old and has traveled 1,300 miles to get to the consumers plate, using non-renewable resources most of the way. Most produce is still grown using "conventional" farming methods that apply tons of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides annually that contaminate the soil water and air. Each purchase of these foods is an economic vote in favor of these practices.

We also purchase organic produce to supplement what we grow. For example: melons from the Central Valley, broccoli and lettuce from the cooler climate of the coast, fruit for fruit baskets and other items to round our weekly selections.